End of Life Policy


SolarWinds products reach the end of their product life cycle for a number of reasons, including product obsolescence, security issues, new software releases, market demands, and technology innovation. Below, we have outlined our typical End of Life (EOL) milestones for paid, on-premises software products1 so that our customers can best manage the EOL transition and migrate to updated or alternative products and technology.2

End of Life Milestones

End of Life Milestones

General Availability

SolarWinds will make the Software (as defined in the End User License Agreement) generally available to its end users. The date that the Software becomes generally available to the public is the General Availability date.

After the General Availability of the Software, SolarWinds will provide software support in accordance with the SolarWinds Software Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions (Support Terms). As such, it will support the current Release (as defined in the Support Terms) of the Software and the previous Release of the Software. SolarWinds reserves the right to make bug fixes, patches, license resets, and service releases only for the current version of any Software Release. The end user may need to upgrade to the newest version before applying a bug fix, patch, service release, or requesting a license reset to obtain support from SolarWinds.

End of Life (EOL) Announcement

SolarWinds will communicate the discontinuation of the SolarWinds Software in an EOL Announcement to customers eligible to receive support and will also publicly post the EOL Announcement for customers, including those not eligible to receive support. The EOL Announcement should precede the End of Engineering (EOE) Date by up to 30 days.

End of Engineering (EOE) Date

EOE Date means the date SolarWinds will cease engineering related to the Software and will cease providing engineering support related to the applicable Release. Prior to the EOE Date, SolarWinds will actively support the Release with service releases, bug fixes, workarounds, or patches for critical bugs reported through Software Support. When a Release reaches the EOE Date, it will, however, no longer be actively supported by engineering. Technical Support3 will be available until the EOL Date, which should be one year after the EOE Date, provided the end user is entitled to receive support. Technical support can provide access to previously released hot fixes, service releases, etc. Technical Support will not include nor will it create any new bug fixes or feature additions or requests for Software that is past the EOE Date.

End of Life (EOL) Date

EOL Date means the date when all support shall cease for a discontinued Release of the Software. Generally, it will be one full year between the EOE Date to the EOL Date.

1 This End of Life Policy does not apply to free tools, evaluation, or third-party products. For third party products, SolarWinds will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide reasonable advance notice of such discontinuation of these products and replace the discontinued third-party product with another product containing substantially similar functionally, as the market demand may require.

2 While SolarWinds shall utilize commercially reasonable efforts to meet these EOL milestones for its software, there may be circumstances pertaining to the Software that make it unable to do so.

3 Technical Support means technical assistance provided to SolarWinds customers eligible to Support. This includes general guidance about SolarWinds Software and any workarounds, bug fixes, etc. that have been designed prior to the EOE Date.