Lifecycle Monitoring for Hybrid Systems

Visibility – Troubleshooting – Capacity Planning and Optimization

The Metamorphosis of Hybrid Systems Monitoring

Properly monitoring and improving your hybrid environment isn't a one-and-done activity. Instead, it's an ongoing lifecycle. As the technology landscape evolves and changes, there are more moving pieces running in your data center, across one or more cloud providers, or both; you need solutions to adapt and grow with your organization and ensure its health and performance are in tip-top shape.

Wouldn't it be nice to clear the cobwebs and work from one platform while monitoring your entire IT environment? That's where SolarWinds comes in. We've been listening to the market for over 20 years and delivering solutions IT professionals, management teams, and system administrators can benefit from.

In the complex world of hybrid IT, the name of the game is simplicity. Tackling challenging system issues like: having comprehensive visibility across your IT environment, fast and accurate troubleshooting for when things go wrong and proper, repeatable capacity planning and optimization.

This can seem overwhelming if you don't have the right monitoring lifecycle tools. But with a single, integrated approach to hybrid systems monitoring, it's easy to break down the steps and rest assured you’ve taken the right actions to enhance and protect your organization's environment. Once you're up and running, the ongoing iteration becomes natural—and monitoring becomes second nature.

Lifecycle Monitoring for Hybrid IT

Improve Hybrid Systems Visibility

Improve Hybrid Systems Visibility

“I Can See Clearly Now; the Rain Is Gone…”

Before you can solve problems or plan ahead, you have to take a visual inventory of your network and systems. The ability to see your environment in a single display, map your dependencies, and be alerted on potential issues with insights like predictive virtual machine (VM) recommendations can open up a whole new world of possibilities to your monitoring capabilities.

With SolarWinds hybrid systems monitoring, you can:

  • Get comprehensive visibility into the health and performance of your physical and virtual servers, including hypervisors, whether monitoring hybrid cloud, on-premises, hyperconverged, or in the cloud.
  • Set your monitoring environment up with over 1,200 out-of-the-box infrastructure and application monitoring templates.
  • Create unique views into your environment. Visibility to a SysAdmin means one thing, but it could mean something different to a DBA, operations, or the application team. Each person or department can build views specific to what they need visibility into using one platform, one source of truth, cut multiple ways.
  • Provide granular visibility into the health of an application, down to the fans in the server the application runs on.

Troubleshooting Hybrid IT Systems

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Troubleshooting Hybrid IT Systems

Troubleshooting With the Four Ws: What, Where, When, and Why

It doesn't matter how tightly you manage your IT environment; with change happening more frequently and ever-increasing complexity, things will happen, people make errors, resources that were fine just yesterday are suddenly strapped. Time isn’t your friend, and you can't afford to be wrong when identifying the root cause.

The SolarWinds hybrid systems monitoring solution is designed to help you troubleshoot more easily when downtime or other application performance issues occur, enabling faster and more accurate root cause analysis through:

  • Visualizations of logical and physical relationships, so you can gain insights into connection ports, services, network latency, packet loss, and TCP data. With an application dependency mapping tool, you can create custom maps of groups or entities to track the response time of dependent services.
  • Combined metrics with VMware event logs to help identify and manage slow-running processes, services, logs, and scheduled tasks.
  • Remote server monitoring to resolve problems with built-in server management actions: the Real-Time Process Explorer identifies resource hogs and allows you to kill processes affecting server performance.
  • A historical account of configuration data and infrastructure relationships to help you identify what dependencies existed at a specific time, such as VMs belonging to a host seven days ago. This data can be used to answer the "What changed?" question all IT pros regularly face when troubleshooting an availability or performance problem.
  • The ability to visualize and monitor syslog, SNMP traps, or Windows event logs in real-time for the near-instantaneous insights you need for effective troubleshooting.

Capacity Planning and Optimization

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Capacity Planning and Optimization

Optimize Hybrid Systems Performance While Maximizing Capacity

At its core, capacity planning and optimization involve monitoring and alerting physical or virtual server resources, such as CPU, memory, disk, and network. Forecasting when your server will run out of resources is essential to help you optimize your current and future infrastructure investments.

SolarWinds hybrid systems monitoring provides capacity planning tools designed to simplify capacity planning and help you optimize resources used to support your present and future hybrid infrastructure needs. SolarWinds hybrid systems monitoring solution includes:

  • Built-in forecast charts and metrics to help you identify when physical or virtual server resources reach warning and critical thresholds enable you to optimize server and hardware resource investments through right-size resource allocation.
  • Optimization functions to quickly see what's causing server resource contention by tracking how much CPU, memory, and storage is being consumed, allowing you to quickly find and delete processes consuming excess memory to optimize performance more efficiently.
  • A modeling function to project future server and hardware additions to see if your environment can scale to meet workload needs.
  • Hyper-V capacity planning function to determine the best location for virtual machines.

Hybrid Systems Monitoring Solutions

Hybrid Systems Monitoring Solutions

One Platform, One Source of Truth

The seamless way in which Server & Application Monitor, Virtualization Manager, Log Analyzer, and Server Configuration Manager work together to create a comprehensive hybrid systems monitoring solution is problem-solving at its best. Find where your problems lie, reduce your time to resolution, and properly plan for the future.

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Lifecycle Monitoring for Today’s Hybrid IT Systems Environments

To dive deeper and learn even more about these hybrid systems monitoring topics, including insightful thought leadership from SolarWinds Head Geeks™ and to see the products in practice via demo, watch the three-part webinar series on Visibility, Troubleshooting, Capacity Planning, and Optimization available on demand.

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