• Full ITIL suite for incident, problem, change, and release management
  • Service catalog to streamline workflows and automate repetitive service requests
  • Cutting-edge UI and continuous release cycle to ensure the most up-to-date experience
  • AI-powered suggestions encourage self-service and quickly connect users to their needs
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  • Simplified IT help desk processes from service request creation to resolution
  • Automated ticketing management with rule-based routing and escalation, real-time tracking, and alerts
  • IT asset management for tracking and managing the lifecycle of hardware and software assets
  • Built-in knowledge base for self-resolution of issues, and automation of change management
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With a modern, unified IT help desk software solution, you can streamline service delivery for your entire organization.

The benefits of help desk software are as numerous as they are varied. From incident ownership and IT issue tracking to employee-focused capabilities and resources, the potential benefits of help desk software solutions are plentiful. The impacts of help desk software features allowing you to apply data to support your decision-making in IT and across your organization are equally numerous.

Utilizing an IT help desk software solution can also have a profound impact in helping your organization thrive, including helping automate several key processes and functions. This effort will help you drive productivity while freeing up precious resources and budget dollars to spend on advancing your mission as an organization.

Whether you need a helpdesk ticketing solution or a more advanced IT service management platform, SolarWinds has you covered.

How we see IT help desk software differently:

  • Incident ownership and tracking: From start to finish, experience unprecedented control of how you manage the efforts of your IT help desk team to work with employees to identify, prioritize, and manage incidents, regardless of how minor or major they may seem
  • Automations driving efficiency: Automatically prioritize and route issues using a ticketing system to increase your ability to learn from the incidents themselves, and the process leading to their eventual resolution
  • Employee-focused service: SolarWinds help desk software provides unprecedented levels of employee-focused resources, driving self-service and meeting employees where they work
  • Increased productivity: Reduce time spent on process management, asset management, incident management, and everything else your team handles by establishing consistent service levels and processing of deliverables with integrated workflow task management.
  • 360-degree view of data: Reports and dashboards make data easy to understand, equipping you to leverage said data to improve your organization

What Is an IT Help Desk?

What Is an IT Help Desk?

A help desk, in simple terms, is a tool helping to organize customer questions and requests and direct those questions to the right person in your organization, so they can be handled quickly and efficiently. Chances are, you may have even used this term interchangeably with service desk, and in some contexts, using help desk and service desk to get at the same general context is perfectly fine. However, a help desk isn’t exactly the same thing as a service desk, and there’s a history behind the distinction to merit understanding (at least a little bit).

What is a Service Desk?

What is a Service Desk?

In 1989, the concept of the service desk began. Working alongside the government of the United Kingdom, the computer industry in the UK first published ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This library contained the concept later known as the service desk. According to ITIL best practices, the service desk is an intrinsic part of both an organization’s IT department and overall business operations.

Whereas help desks traditionally work with users one issue at a time as a customer service tool, service desks are designed to do more to drive both the impact and efficiency of IT departments and the users and organizations they served. The role of the service desk is to continually evolve alongside advancing technology, becoming more integrated in the operations of its organization. A service desk solution does this by acting as a point of contact for service requests and user issues (as the help desk did before it), but also serve as a centralized solution for IT problem management and any and all configuration changes impacting the entire organization.

The service desk strives to enable business processes by providing integrated support, adapting the support to the evolving needs of the business, the industry, and the user base it serves. Its primary function is still to restore the productivity of the end user by meeting the user where they are (technologically speaking) and helping them to resolve the issues they’re facing. However, it does so within a larger context of function driving the overall Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) success of the organization.

Core Help Desk Software Features

Core Help Desk Software Features

There are four key areas in which your software solutions could be working for you: IT ticket management and risk detection, automated and integrated asset management, enhanced usability, and visual reporting.

  1. IT Ticket Management and Risk Detection
    One of the biggest benefits of help desk software and employing other software solutions, comes in the form of the lift it can provide your organization in productivity. Web-based IT issue tracking, ticket management, automated risk detection, and other software capabilities, give you the opportunity to track issues in ways you may not have dreamed of before, letting you quickly identify, investigate, and resolve underlying problems leading to the recurring issues often slowing down productivity in the first place.
  2. Integrated Assets
    Another key help desk software feature is the seamless tracking of every asset (IT and otherwise) across your organization, assisting with the onboarding, assignment, management, and retiring of assets throughout their lifecycle.
  3. Usability
    Help desk software should be conceived of and designed with usability at its core. SolarWinds Service Desk was born on the cloud and lives on the cloud, updated for usability and functionality on a rolling and continuous basis. Service Desk simplifies and automates service requests while reducing support workload and helping your team provide superior service.
  4. Visual Analysis: Reports and Dashboards
    Easily understood reports and dashboards give your team insight into what's happening in real time for IT Issue tracking purposes. Throughout the history of incidents, rollouts, and other major events, pushes are another key built-in feature of our IT help desk software.

How Can Help Desk Software Improve Your Business?

How Can Help Desk Software Improve Your Business?

You’re probably aware of the many ways enhanced help desk software capabilities can help you improve your service levels and fulfill your various missions as an organization. The benefits of help desk software include:

  • Improving scheduling of tasks and IT personnel
  • Improving your service levels and speed of service through automation and other improvements, such as issue and ticket tracking to more effectively identify and deal with underlying problems in a more robust manner
  • Reducing waste by utilizing electronic documents’ user-directed forms
  • Providing access to service while also improving service levels through remote access to reporting and help desk functions
  • Providing stakeholders with the data they need to make and support solid decisions around asset allocation, budgeting, scheduling, and almost any other process, program, or function you can think of—available in a single location

IT issue tracking may be one of the most profound ways in which IT help desk software can help to boost the efficacy and efficiency of your organization. By eliminating recurring issues and by drastically reducing the service disruptions they spawn, you can maximize your productivity while doing a more complete job of tracking, managing, and proactively responding to incidents and the problems at their roots.

The best way to improve your business processes is to use an effective help desk or service desk software solution.

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