Software-Defined Network Solutions for Everything.

Bridge the monitoring gap between the physical and virtual networks of tomorrow, today.

The adoption of software-defined solutions is increasing rapidly, and organizations need to ensure both critical software-defined infrastructure and its physical network are running optimally.

In a world of software-defined everything, SolarWinds is here for the virtualization administrators, network administrators, and IT administrators of the world. We provide IT professionals with a single solution for monitoring traditional, networking, and virtualization infrastructures, and the modern software-defined technologies adopted and deployed within the IT infrastructures. These software solutions can apply to storage, networking, wide-area networking (WAN), and more traditional data centers.

SolarWinds continues its support for software-defined solutions and vendor-agnostic solutions to meet the business requirements of tomorrow, today. Monitor, visualize, and correlate performance between software-defined solutions such as VMware vSAN, Nutanix AHV, Cisco ACI, and VMware flow monitoring and SD-WAN coverage for Viptela vEdge. Gain deep visibility and insights into software-defined technologies and their traditional infrastructure counterparts faster and at scale. As SolarWinds meets this rapid evolution, our customers can expand their toolkits and reconcile disparate data into a single pane of glass.

Software-Defined Trends From Experts in a Future-Defined World

Software-Defined Trends From Experts in a Future-Defined World

Unpopular Opinion: How SD-WAN Will Improve Security
Jennifer Minella

The consensus is software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) will provide organizations unprecedented agility but possibly at the expense of security, as traffic flow changes to a distributed model without the safety of traditionally centralized security tools. Read Blog

Virtualization’s Software-Defined Future
Paul Stringfellow

Virtualizing our entire infrastructure means we can deliver at speed and with consistency, in any location, on any compatible hardware, with the portability to move it as needed for performance and scale, without disruption. All this is at the core of a successful modern infrastructure. Read Blog

Do Network Engineers Dream of Software-Defined Sheep?
Jody Lemoine

I really want software-defined networking (SDN), or something like it, to be the go-to approach for networking, but are we too tied to our idea of what SDN is for us to get there? Read Blog

Monitor Your SDN Environment Using Your Primary Network Monitoring Tool

Monitor Your SDN Environment Using Your Primary Network Monitoring Tool

With Network Performance Monitor (NPM), you can:

  • Monitor logical and physical networks in one tool
  • View health scores for APIC tenants, spines, and leaves
  • Review status history and health scores in PerfStack

Comprehensive Visibility Into Performance

Comprehensive Visibility Into Performance

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN) new SDN monitoring support helps eliminate visibility gaps and reduces the IT pro’s toolset. Here’s how:

  • Out-of-the box, vendor-agnostic hypervisor performance monitoring, alerting, and reporting in a single tool, consolidating tool set and reducing chair swivel  
  • Quickly assess the health of your entire environment—whether it’s server, virtual, or storage resource monitoring
  • Troubleshoot specific, interrelated problems from one view, reducing mean time to issue resolution

See What’s Plugged In to Your Remote SD-WAN Device

See What’s Plugged In to Your Remote SD-WAN Device

Visibility into devices connected at the WAN edge can be hard to monitor remotely. SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) now provides Viptela vEdge device support.

  • Quickly determine what's directly connected to them
  • Gain vital port history and monitoring
  • Monitor for new connected devices

Improve operations management and performance analysis